Renewable Electricity

ICIS Initiates Europe’s First Market-Linked Renewable Hydrogen Assessments

ICIS, a global source of Independent Commodity Intelligence Services, has announced that it has launched the first hydrogen price assessments to reflect the market value of renewable electricity. ICIS said that this product will support participants with the intelligence needed to develop a liberalised clean hydrogen market and optimise energy transition resources. ICIS said that […]

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Saudi Arabia Sets Sights on Building Five Renewable Energy Projects

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is building five new projects for the production of renewable electricity. As per reports, the total capacity of the combined five RE projects will be 3,300 MW. The Saudi Power Procurement Company (SPPC) had announced recently that solar and wind sources will be employed to generate electricity. The company has […]

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NYSERDA Funds $30M for Technical Solutions for Grid Integration of Renewable Power

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has announced providing a further funding of $30 million in the third round of the Future Grid Challenge for projects that identify solutions to the technical challenges of integrating renewable resources into the electric grid. The official statement of NYSERDA said that up to $3 […]

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Anaergia To Build ‘Manure to Renewable Energy’ Plant In Japan

Canada-based clean energy and recycling player Anaergia is putting cow manure to a great use by producing electricity out of it. The company has announced plans to set up a biogas plant in Kasaoka, Okayama for Toyo Energy Solution Co. The facility will produce renewable electricity using biogas made by anaerobically digesting cow manure from […]

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Amazon Accelerates Investments In Green Hydrogen Firms

Amazon has revealed that its $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund is now spurring efforts towards the decarbonization of global operations through green hydrogen. The Fund is known for its early investments in companies like Rivian and BETA Technologies. The Climate Pledge Fund will also be making fresh investments in Electric Hydrogen and Sunfire, the U.S. […]

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Finland Begins Operation On World’s First Large Scale Sand Battery

Finland has kickstarted operations on world’s first commercial large scale sand-based thermal energy storage system. The battery has been innovated by Polar Night Energy and operated by energy utility in West Finland, Vatajankoski. The dimensions of the steel container are 4×7 metre, which can hold hundreds of tonnes of sand. This sand is further heated […]

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Morocco Shows Africa A Renewable Pathway Away From Fossil Fuels

Morocco is showing the African continent a Renewable Energy pathway out of fossil fuel. Among the countries giving Morocco a good company are Egypt and South Africa, according to TAQA Net, a platform specialized in energy markets. Africa’s trailblazing growth in socio-economic sector has led several countries to further develop solar energy projects, especially at […]

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Maharashtra to Solarise Mhaisal Lift Irrigation Scheme

The Irrigation Department of Maharashtra Government has begun to bank on earnest use of renewable electricity to support irrigation for its farmers. In a first of its kind initiative in the state, the Mhaisal Lift Irrigation Scheme will be operated on solar energy. In the irrigation project, the water will be lifted from Krishna River […]

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Sri Lanka To Increase Rooftop Solar Investments, Cease Fresh Coal Plants

After announcing its 2030 goals of achieving 70% electricity through renewables, Sri Lanka is now accelerating its investments in rooftop solar and planning to rule out new coal power investments.  Sri Lanka‘s renewable energy sources currently are primarily HydroPower, which accounts for 35% of its electricity from renewables in 2019. The country has total generation […]

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