Rajasthan Government

Rajasthan Govt Launches Program for Farmers to Build Solar Plants on Barren Land

The Rajasthan government has started a program to assist farmers who want to build solar energy plants on their unusable or unused property (Barren Land). A senior state government official stated, “The farmers can lease their unused land under the Saur Krishi Aajeevika Yojana (SKAY) program to build solar energy plants, which would help them […]

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Rays Power Commissions 150 MW Solar Plant In Karnataka

Haryana-based Solar Power Company, Rays Power Infra has announced the inauguration of a 150 MW solar plant (grid-connected) in Raichur and Koppal, Karnataka. Rays Power claims that this project will approximately produce 2,40,000 MW of green energy per year and the entire project has been executed by Rays Power Infra’s in-house EPC team within the […]

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Rays Power Infra to Build 500 MW Solar Park in Rajasthan

Rays Power Infra has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Rajasthan government for constructing a solar power plant with the capacity to generate 500 MW of green electricity. During the ongoing Dubai Expo, the parties finalized the agreement to reduce traditional electricity consumption derived from non-renewable sources. Pawan Sharma, Director, Rays Power Infra, […]

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IL&FS, SoftBank Partnered to Power 20 GW Solar Power Parks

The announcement came two months after the SoaftBank tied up with China’s GCL System Integration Technology for Indian solar power venture worth Rs 6350 Crore. Both SB Energy, the power and energy investment arm of SoftBank and IL&FS Energy will develop grid-connected solar projects across the country. To support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious renewable […]

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Rajasthan Government Exempts Electricity Duty for Rooftop Solar

To further encourage the investments in renewable energy projects, the state government of Rajasthan has exempted electricity duty of 40 paise/unit for rooftop solar and captive units. The decision will help the state to reach closer to 2300 MW rooftop solar capacity by 2022, a target given to it by the Centre. The duty cut […]

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