PV Price Forecasting Report

CEA Report: Prices for Polysilicon & Solar Modules Will Start to Fall in 2023

According to data by Clean Energy Associates (CEA), solar module prices for foreign markets are anticipated to decline in parallel with predicted decreases in polysilicon prices as of 2023. Due to higher-than-anticipated European purchase volumes and constrained polysilicon supplies, the quality assurance and supply chain management company disclosed that module costs that had gone up […]

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CEA Report: PV Price Forecasting Report (Q2 – 2022)

CEA (The Clean Energy Association) has published a research report entitled “PV Price Forecasting Report (Q2 – 2022)”. Recent months have seen significant changes in the solar sector as a result of supply constraints, increased costs, and logistical difficulties as well as rising energy demand and geopolitical tensions. The PV Price Forecasting Report is a […]

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