MNRE Extends Solar Inverter Self Certification Period To June 30

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has yet again extended the deadline for the solar inverter makers to get valid International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) certificates and test reports from accredited laboratories of their solar inverters until June 30, 2023. The MNRE had come up with the Solar ‘Photovoltaics, Systems, Devices and Components Goods […]

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Greece Makes 888 MW Green Additions in H1 2022; Looks to Cross 10 GW Threshold

Greece’s green additions have witnessed a major leap, especially when compared against those made in last year. Reports confirm that there were 91 MW capacity wind installations from January through June, taking up the total to 4,294 MW. Further, 10 MW in new small hydropower plants were added, augmenting the segment to 249 MW. The […]

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String Of Awards Recognise Solis at SNEC 2021 in China

Global string inverter major Solis received multiple awards at the International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition held at the 15th SNEC (2021), which concluded on June 5 in Shanghai, China. The company said that its innovative high current and high power inverters showcased the high quality customer experience, besides economical and reliable […]

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Scientists in Germany Develop Cost-effective Solar Cell Deposition Method

Researchers led by the Technical University of Ilmenau in Germany claim that if silicon dioxide (SiO2) films are deposited at room temperature without complex vacuum systems, they can be a good, cost-effective candidate for use in commercial c-Si solar cell production lines. SiO2 deposition is used as a passivation layer or a protective layer in various types […]

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German Researchers Develop 18% Efficient Large-area Perovskite Module

Advancements in perovskite technology have been happening at a rapid rate in the last few years but the area is still riddled with challenges related to size, efficiency and stability of the cells. Fresh positive news has come from Germany where researchers claim to have resolved possibly the biggest hindrance in the mass application of […]

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‘Suns-Voc’ Testing System That Could Become the IoT of Photovoltaics

A new system ‘Suns-Voc’ developed by a team of researchers from Arizona State University which can measure solar performance over the long term in scalable photovoltaic systems, is being considered as a breakthrough in the cost and longevity of interconnected power delivery. Solar cells are only “current-voltage” tested in the lab before they are deployed […]

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Axpo Acquires Urbasolar With Plans to Become European Leader in PV Segment

Swiss energy utility Axpo and independent French solar PV specialist Urbasolar have announced the signing of an acquisition contract of 100% of the latter’s securities by Axpo. This agreement aims to consolidate and stimulate the growth of the French PV specialist, which now becomes the photovoltaic operator within the group with the ambition to become […]

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Solaria’s New Innovation! PowerXT 430Wp Module for Commercial Properties

The company’s new patented modules maximize system power and performance through delivering high power and highly aesthetically-pleasing PV panels. Solar module technologies provider Solaria Corporation has introduced its latest innovation in its industry-leading efficiency roadmap, the SolariaPowerXT 430Wp, optimized for commercial applications. Further, this new module is now available through the company and its leading […]

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Fraunhofer ISE Develops Printed In-Situ Perovskite Solar Cells to Save Resources

With a record efficiency of 12.6 percent, the researchers have now reached an important milestone in the field of printed photovoltaics. Besides silicon-based photovoltaics, which presently dominate the market, there are other materials, such as perovskite, that also show great potential. Scientists are testing the proof of concept of these new types of solar cells. […]

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