The China Effect- 5 Global Solar Manufacturing Plans Hit By The Solar Price Slump

As the call for clean energy grows, solar plants and plans to manufacture solar equipment have garnered the limelight across the world. But the recent trend of dropping prices, thanks largely to the massive production glut in China, has put paid to many such plans. This oversupply across the solar supply chain, that started first […]

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Explained: Can Higher Energy Density Batteries Power Air Travel ?

One of the world’s largest battery manufacturers, CATL, has recently unveiled its new condensed battery boasting an impressive 500 Wh/kg energy density. The significance of this can be gauged from the fact that the firm teased the idea of electrifying passenger aircraft with its new battery revelation. And yes, it’s not yet another ‘demonstrator’ with […]

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Panasonic Demonstrates New Technology Solution to Optimise Renewable Energy

Global electronics and RE late entrant Panasonic has announced that it has developed an innovation to enhance renewable energy. The company has introduced an experiment called ‘H2 KIBOU FIELD’ at the Kusatsu factory in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. In the novel experiment, Panasonic found that battery storages, pure hydrogen fuel cell generators and solar PV generators […]

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Setting Up a Battery Manufacturing Plant: The Factors That Matter

Battery manufacturing is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. A decade ago, consumers used batteries for their laptops, phones and other gadgets. Today, these energy storage devices are powering cars, medical equipment and even houses. New plants for battery production are popping up as a result. But in this realm of a gradual shift towards […]

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The Top 5: EV Battery Manufacturers in the World

Advances in electric vehicle (EV) batteries and their associated technologies are finally attracting the interest of individuals to purchase EVs, contributing to the growth of EV batteries. The top EV Battery Manufacturers in the World are the frontline contributors to the growth of the industry. The scale of production forms a litmus test about market […]

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LG Energy Solution’s $10.7 Billion IPO And Its Probable Impact

The successful completion of LG Energy Solutions’s $ 10.8 billion IPO in South Korea values the battery maker at about $59 billion makes it the third largest listed firm on the Korean Kospi index, behind electronics giant Samsung and Hynix. The successful IPO signals just how large, and tough, the future of the battery business […]

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Panasonic Expands EverVolt™ Portfolio with New High Power, High Efficiency Solar Modules

EverVolt Solar Modules deliver 350W-370W in a streamlined, sophisticated style that fits any home Panasonic Corporation of North America today unveiled its new EverVolt™ Solar Modules series with the introduction of four new modules designed to accompany its EverVolt™ Battery Storage system. The EverVolt Solar Modules provide advanced efficiency and performance – even in high temperatures – as well as […]

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Panasonic, Equinor Form Partnership for Establishing European Battery Business

Panasonic, Equinor and Hydro have signed an MoU to form a strategic partnership to explore possibilities for establishing a European battery business. Panasonic, energy company Equinor and industrial group Hydro have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a strategic partnership to explore possibilities for establishing a sustainable and cost-competitive European battery business. The […]

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