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Battery Player Brill Power Raises $10.5 Million Series Funding

UK-stated battery management and control technology developer, Brill Power has announced the conclusion of its Series A round raising $10.5 million today (July 20th, 2022). This $10.5 million investment will be used by Brill Power to further its goal of developing batteries that are smarter, cleaner, safer, and longer-lasting as a crucial component of the […]

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Oxford University Study Predicts 10% Renewable Share in Africa By 2030

Africa, which has for some time now carried the tag of ‘promising‘ for non hydro renewable energy, might yet be the continent with the lowest share of non hydro renewable energy by 2030. Even as some countries within the continent will break away from the rest to have a much more robust  contribution from solar […]

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Solar Panel Costs to tumble 10% Each Year – Findings

‘Sudden fall of Solar Power cost, it is likely to outrun the normal energy speculation,’ said a journal of Oxford University Researchers in its ‘Research Policy’ based on innovation, technology, R&D and science. From the early 1980’s, panels to generate power from sunlight has become 10% cheaper each year. According to the research, it is […]

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