China’s NIO Invests $273 Mn To Establish Separate Battery Tech Company

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer NIO has established a new entity called NIO Battery Technology (Anhui) Co. Ltd. and it is being headed by William Li as its Chairman, who is also the founder of NIO. According to reports, the capital is of about $273 million of the new company which will be controlled absolutely by […]

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The Many Promises of Battery Swapping

Known for designing and developing electric vehicles, Chinese multinational automobile manufacturer, NIO, has established a formidable reputation with regard to battery swap stations. In July this year, the automobile giant opened 1,000 swap stations and reached 10 million battery swaps. As of August, NIO boasts of 1071 swap stations in China, however, it has no […]

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Battery Swapping Primer: A Viable Alternative to Charging Stations

Battery swapping can be a game-changer, bringing the world a few steps closer to electric vehicles. It has the potential to enhance the attractiveness of electric mobility by addressing both the early market purchase price disparities with conventional vehicles and, importantly, the recharging time challenges of electric vehicles (EVs). A swap station offers a fully […]

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Chinese EV maker Nio To Manufacture Battery Swap Stations in Europe

Chinese automobile manufacturer and power solutions provider Nio has announced that the company will be coming up with a manufacturing plant in Europe where it will be producing battery swap stations for the overseas market. It was reported early this year that Nio was looking to hire in Hungary for a manufacturing plant. Nio is […]

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The Top 5: EV Battery Manufacturers in the World

Advances in electric vehicle (EV) batteries and their associated technologies are finally attracting the interest of individuals to purchase EVs, contributing to the growth of EV batteries. The top EV Battery Manufacturers in the World are the frontline contributors to the growth of the industry. The scale of production forms a litmus test about market […]

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Chinese EV Maker NIO Recalls 3,803 Vehicles Over Faulty Battery Issue

China’s Electric carmaker NIO has recalled 4,803 cars after three separate incidents of its cars were involved in fire incidents The Chinese Automaker NIO has recalled 4,803 of it’s flagship electric vehicles following a handful of battery-safety incidents, the State Administration for Market Regulation said in a statement: “The power battery pack used in the vehicle within this […]

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