“Net-Zero Carbon Emitter” by 2030

Power Ministry Puts Phase-1 Of Emission Control Gear On Hold Basis IIT Report

The Indian Power Ministry has been effectively implementing pollution management methods (emission control) in selected energy crops to examine the benefits before rolling out the predicted 2 lakh crore of funding in all initiatives that would raise electrical energy rates. The government has indicated that the application of Flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) techniques increases carbon dioxide […]

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Niti Aayog Asks Railways to Create EV Infra at Stations

Niti Aayog has suggested that railways should designate at least 20% of the parking capacity at railway stations or office complex for setting up electric vehicle charging bays or battery charging and swapping stations, and also install at least one EV charging point at each targeted manned level crossing and railway colony. The proposals are […]

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