Narada Power

Narada Power Established Lower Level Lithium Battery Recycler

The technology will carry out lithium recycling and new materials business and to open up the lithium battery industry chain. The Narada Power which is headquartered in China’s Hangzhou, known for using various types of lead acid and lithium batteries in its storage systems, along with other technologies such as fuel cells announced of establishing […]

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Narada Completes the 1st Commercialized Energy Storage System in China

Energy Storage System is one of the key technologies applied to Smart Grid, Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy Integration, Micro-grid, as well as development of Electric Vehicles Narada Power Source Co., Ltd. has announced that it has successfully put into service a large-scale Energy Storage System (1st Phase: 1.5MW/12MWh), designed and constructed by for GCL Silicon. […]

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