Module Prices

Chinese Module Majors Feel The Pinch From Module Price Drop

As financial results for Q3 come in, it is obvious that the pain of dropping module prices is beginning to impact major global players, especially the Chinese majors that dominate global markets. Except for pockets where buyers are from the US and Europe who consciously avoided Chinese players, revenues have sustained only on higher volumes, […]

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Solar Bids Below Rs 2? BCD Holds Up Solar Tariffs In India

Even as prices of China-made solar cells and modules continue to slide to unprecedented lows, power consumers are likely to benefit only partially, thanks to the Basic Customs Duty (BCD) of 40 percent that the government has on module imports, besides the 25% on solar cell imports. While the drop in prices is welcome to […]

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Polysilicon Prices Continue Slide, Developers Hopeful Of Lower Solar Module Prices

For all the record capacity additions and installations in solar power, polysilicon prices have continued their downward move, halfway into 2023. Rising polysilicon prices, Prices that had peaked at CNY (Chinese Yuan) 360,000/mt ($39/kg) have dropped to as low as 80,000 CNY/Mt (around $9.5 /kg), helping push down solar panel costs for manufacturers. Even as […]

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Viability of Rs 2.36/Unit to Depend on Module Prices & Duty: ICRA

The viability of the Rs 2.36/Unit tariffs are critically dependent on PV module prices and the proposed pass through on import duty, according to ICRA. The recently concluded tranche IX auction for inter-state transmission systems (ISTS) solar projects by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) yielded the lowest ever tariffs at Rs 2.36/unit, considerably […]

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