Maharashtra EV policy 2021

The Top 3 States With Biggest EV Subsidies In India

India has been successful in spurring the Electric Vehicles trend in the country. While the central efforts were instrumental in this development, the contributions of various states in terms of subsidies have formed the backbone of EV adaptation as well. However, keep in mind that subsidies are unlikely to last very long, possibly not beyond […]

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States with Attractive Subsidies Under Their EV Policies

States with new or modified Ev policies giving subsidies over and above the central government’s subsidies under FAME II. The country is in a constant hustle to ramp up EV adoption. Although the central government has brought up schemes like Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (FAME I and FAME II). Recently the government […]

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New Maharashtra EV Policy Hikes Subsidies, Incentives

Following the footsteps of various states, the Maharashtra government has also announced an upgrade to its EV policy of 2018, earlier than its previous plans from April 2022. The new policy aims to use the state’s pre-eminent role as a manufacturing centre, as well as provide local support to EV adoption. Valid till March 31, […]

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