Luke Lu

LONGi Achieves 7GW Milestone for Mono-Crystalline Sales In India

LONGi Solar, the global leader by Module sales announced on May 6  that it has achieved a significant milestone in India by shipping over 7GW of high efficiency solar panels, the highest in mono-crystalline category. On 6th May, the LONGi India team celebrated this achievement with its customers at a hotel in New Delhi. LONGi […]

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“It is not a cup of tea for any manufacturers to produce an inverter which can run for decades without problem” Luke Lu, Director for Indian Business, Sungrow

A number of companies are integrating photovoltaic inverter and storage technologies. How its cost implication compared to the output efficiency is affecting a change in various types of installations? Inverter is the heart of any solar PV system. It is highly a technology oriented product. It certainly needs an expertise to produce a highly efficient […]

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