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EU Investigates Distortive Practices By Chinese Solar Companies In Foreign Subsidy

European Commission has initiated two in-depth investigations under the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) related to the potential distortive role of foreign subsidies given to bidders in a public procurement procedure. In the investigation, the commission will assess whether the economic operators concerned did benefit from an unfair advantage to win public contracts in the EU. […]

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Chinese Module Majors Feel The Pinch From Module Price Drop

As financial results for Q3 come in, it is obvious that the pain of dropping module prices is beginning to impact major global players, especially the Chinese majors that dominate global markets. Except for pockets where buyers are from the US and Europe who consciously avoided Chinese players, revenues have sustained only on higher volumes, […]

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H1 Revenues and Growth Powered By Global Expansion For Chinese Solar Majors

While protectionist moves in key global markets might be a factor in a couple of years or earlier, for now, Chinese solar manufacturers offering critical solar equipment are enjoying their day in the sun. Key players are all delivering record numbers, thanks to capacity increases and steady prices. H1 figures coming from firms across the […]

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Longi Crosses 1 GW Milestone In Middle East, Looks Ahead To Much More

Chinese solar major Longi has announced the shipping of over 1GW of solar modules to the Middle East distribution solar market by the second quarter of 2023. The number is a significant milestone for Longi as well as underscoring the high demand and interest in solar solutions for the middle east region. Solar majors have […]

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Silicone Sealant Contributes to the High-Quality Development of PV Industry

Tell us about GUIBAO’s into the solar market for sealants. GUIBAO, a leading solar chemicals and equipment specialist entered the solar PV market in 2006, providing a series of complementary products for the PV industry (involving frame sealant, junction box potting sealant, BIPV structural sealant, silicon wafer cutting sealant, sealant rod, etc.). How did the […]

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Longi Signs 1.5 GW Module Deal With Austrian Firm Energy3000 Solar

In one of the largest such deals in Europe in 2023, Chinese global solar major LONGi and Austrian firm Energy3000 have signed a framework agreement for 1.5 GW of module sales. Energy3000 Solar is primarily a B2B PV wholesaler in Europe, offering a range of brands for its customers across the solar supply chain. , […]

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Trina Solar Joins Chinese Peers With Major Expansion Plans

Trina Solar joins fellow Chinese solar giants Longi and Jinko Solar to announce major new expansion plans. In a recent announcement, Trina Solar said it will invest around CNY8.7 billion (USD1.2 billion) in a new plant and related facilities in China’s Sichuan province. The Changzhou headquartered firm has been a major player in the solar […]

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Turmoil Ahead In Solar, As Key Suppliers Continue To Raise Solar Input Prices

Consider this. The price of Polysilicon, the earliest processed input in the solar supply chain, averaged CNY (Chinese Yuan) 76/kg  in 2020. In 2021, thanks to a series of incidents at key manufacturing plants and rising demand, prices averaged CNY 117/kg. However, prices as of July 24 have climbed to well over CNY 260/kg, after […]

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As US Continues Pressure On Chinese Manufacturers, Solar Growth Stalls

The long running investigation into dumping, or imports from China into the US continues on its run, impacting firms, and now, it seems overall solar growth in the US in a big way. As one of the world’s largest solar export markets and one that offers higher margins than many, the US market has long […]

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