LED Bulb

Transition Toward LED Light bulb Helps Southern Railway Save Energy

Between April and November, the Chennai division generated Rs 1,307 crore revenue, against the Rs 1,240 crore generated during the corresponding period in 2016. Southern Railway managed to save 741 MW (megawatt) exponent between April and November as a result of switching to LED light. In a statement, Southern Railway said that as region of […]

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Su-Kam launches lithium-ion battery based ‘LED Inverter Bulb’

Su-Kam’s LED Inverter Bulb is fitted with Lithium Ion Battery to keep the Bulb glowing even when the Main (Grid) Electric Supply fails Su-Kam has announced the launch of ‘LED Inverter Bulb’ powered by an inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery in the Indian market. The company is touting it as one of the most advanced Emergency […]

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