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China’s Module Giants Sound Alarm Over Falling Prices

At the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in Shanghai on November 27, the leaders of China’s, and the world’s largest solar module firms expressed worries on the all time low module prices seen in recent weeks and months. For what it is worth, prices are expected to drop even further before any recovery can start. […]

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Chinese Module Majors Feel The Pinch From Module Price Drop

As financial results for Q3 come in, it is obvious that the pain of dropping module prices is beginning to impact major global players, especially the Chinese majors that dominate global markets. Except for pockets where buyers are from the US and Europe who consciously avoided Chinese players, revenues have sustained only on higher volumes, […]

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Silicone Sealant Contributes to the High-Quality Development of PV Industry

Tell us about GUIBAO’s into the solar market for sealants. GUIBAO, a leading solar chemicals and equipment specialist entered the solar PV market in 2006, providing a series of complementary products for the PV industry (involving frame sealant, junction box potting sealant, BIPV structural sealant, silicon wafer cutting sealant, sealant rod, etc.). How did the […]

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Jinko Solar Pitches Storage Solutions With G2 Battery Launch At Intersolar

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd., one of the largest module manufacturers in the world, today officially launched its Second Generation of the High Voltage Energy Storage Battery into the European market. The upgraded product, JKR-B1250~2750-A (high voltage G2 battery) is a high-performance energy storage system designed for residential and small commercial applications. It features a self-developed […]

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Trina Solar Unveils New n-type i-TOPCon Advanced Technology with 26% Efficiency

Trina Solar, a firm that delves into solar energy innovation, has unveiled its new n-type i-TOPCon advanced technology. The technology was given its first public viewing on the first day of the International Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition in Shanghai on May 24, 2023. Next year onwards, the Vertex n-type […]

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JinkoSolar Subsidiary to Build 56 GW Factory in China

JinkoSolar Holding Co, a Chinese solar module manufacturer, has announced that its majority-owned principal operating subsidiary, Jinko Solar (Jiangxi Jinko), has entered into an investment framework agreement with the Management Committee of Transformation Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone of Shanxi Province. JinkoSolar said that the under the terms of agreement, it will establish an integrated project […]

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Aiming To Bring Down Energy Storage Costs: Manish Narula, Jinko Solar 

Manish Narula is the Executive Vice President of Chinese solar manufacturer–Jinko Solar (South Asia). In an exclusive interview with Saur Energy in Hyderabad, Narula talked about his company’s experiments with newly-started energy storage devices, bifacial solar panels, and the future of these in India. Excerpts:   How has the experience of Jinko Solar been in India till now? […]

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China’s Solar Winners From 2022

As the largest solar energy producer in the world, China offers conducive conditions for the solar market. Last year, as installations surged worldwide, including almost 90 GW in China itself, Chinese suppliers of raw materials for solar panels emerged as the winners in the photovoltaic energy boom amidst rising prices. Reports say that some 31 […]

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