Finance to Close Global Energy Access Gaps Dramatically Off-Track to Meet 2030 Targets: SEforALL

Data shows finance for coal tripled in past year, but innovative off-grid solutions and finance models offer opportunities to meet Global Goals. Finance required to close electricity and clean cooking access gaps remains dramatically short of what is needed to meet global energy goals by 2030, leaving the world’s most vulnerable people behind, according to […]

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Braking Global Warming at 1.5 Degree Celsius Calls ‘Unprecedented Changes’: IPCC

IPCC has, on its shoulders, the task of providing the policymakers with a regular assessment of the scientific basis of climate change along with its impacts and future risks like global warming. While hundreds of scientists and government representatives from across the world contributing their inputs on climate change and resultant increasing global warming during […]

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IPCC to Spotlight ‘Limiting Global Warming’

With countries stressing upon curbing carbon footprints and high reliance on fossil fuels, IPCC policymakers are set to make changes to the world’s climate policy and setting the global warming mark at 1.5 degree Celsius. United Nation’s top body on climate science, Intergovernmental on Climate Change (IPCC) is to examine a UN report bidding to […]

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