IIT Kharagpur

In E3W segment, customer base may be new to credit or lack strong credit score: Sameer Aggarwal, Revfin

EV finance firm Revfin claims that it has financed over 17,118 electric vehicles in the last 51 months (as of March 2023). This translates to financing 11 electric vehicles everydayin the last 1530 days. The vehicles are plying in over 200 cities across 16 states of India. Revfin also underwrites financially excluded and underserved segments […]

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IIT Kharagpur Scientists Develop Fast Charging E-Cycle Powered By Na-Ion batteries

Scientists at the IIT Kharagpur have developed sodium-ion batteries and supercapacitors using nanomaterials. The battery can be used in an electric bicycle (E-cycle) and is capable of quick charging. The price of e-cycle will drop dramatically since sodium(Na)-ion batteries are less expensive than lithium-ion batteries. Dr. Amreesh Chandra, a professor in the Department of Physics […]

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IIT Kharagpur Team Awarded for Generating Power From Wet Clothes

A team of researchers from IIT – Kharagpur has been awarded for their work on developing a mechanism for generating power from wet clothes A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Kharagpur has been conferred with the ‘Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award 2020’ for clean energy research for their work […]

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IIT Kharagpur Student Gets Award at Clean Energy Conference in Paris

The chemical engineering student, Ankur Mehta, was awarded the ‘Best (Oral) Presentation Certificate’ in the 7th edition of the 3-day International Conference. Ankur Mehta, a fourth year undergraduate student of IIT Kharagpur, has secured an award at an international conference on ‘Clean and Green Energy’ (ICCGE-2018) in Paris. The chemical engineering student, Ankur Mehta, was awarded the […]

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IIT-KGP to lead India in becoming a Clean Energy Destination

The multi-institutional centre at IIT-Kharagpur will work towards technological innovations on a range of issues related to power network, storage and Solar PV systems. IIT-Kharagpur will lead a UK-India joint virtual centre in clean energy in partnership with a consortium to develop solutions for integration of renewable energy into Indian and UK power grid. The […]

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IIT–KGP Joins Solar Mission

The Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur is focusing to become energy-positive as it aims to generate abundant power in the following five years. The solar energy generation is kept on vital importance through the course of being energy-positive. It plans to dispatch small scale ventures and shows for smart sustainable natural surroundings in its 2,100-acres campus […]

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