IIT–KGP Joins Solar Mission

IIT–KGP Joins Solar Mission


The Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur is focusing to become energy-positive as it aims to generate abundant power in the following five years. The solar energy generation is kept on vital importance through the course of being energy-positive.

It plans to dispatch small scale ventures and shows for smart sustainable natural surroundings in its 2,100-acres campus to accomplish the energy-positive status.

“We are planning in a big way to make our campus power surplus in the next five years. Except for power, we generate everything on our own, including water. We are targeting to become energy positive in the next five years,” Director Partha Pratim Chakrabarti told.

He was speaking at the universal symposium on ‘Livable habitat and sustainable infrastructure: a key to smart city growth’.

Solar energy would be a key player in the energy-positive objective, he concluded.

Transitioning to energy-positive refers to ability to generate more power than utilization.

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