green certificates

IEX, PXIL Green Certificate Sales Nosedive 49.34% in August

The drop in the sales of RECs took place within a time period of 1 month as it was around 16.18 lakh in July, 2018. Sales of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) plunged around 49.34 percent to 8.19 lakh units on the country’s REC Exchanges, Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and Power Exchange of India (PXIL). The […]

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Green Certificates Sales Dip 32% on Power Exchanges in June

The IEX and PXIL sold 5,09,744 and 3,86,485 RECs respectively, totalling 8,96,229 RECs in June during the recent auction. The sale of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) has dropped 32 percent to 8.96 lakh in June against 13.15 lakh in May this year on Indian Energy Exchange and Power Exchange India Ltd, according to an official data. Further, the Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) is […]

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