EVs in India

EVs Covers 1.3% of Vehicle Sales in India in FY 20-21

Increasing domestic EV manufacturing is making India Atmanirbhar and positively impacting the Trade Deficit of India. Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption and hence its manufacturing has been the prime focus of our country for a few years now. The central and state governments are bringing new policies and incentives every year so far. According to a […]

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Triton EV Signs MoU With BEL to Develop EV Opportunities in India

The US-based new subsidiary of Triton Solar, Triton EV, has announced its expansion plans in India with its manufacturing facility set up for electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems. “We have announced the availability of SUV Model H and Triton EV Sedan Model N4. Very soon, we will showcase these Triton EVs for Indian […]

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The Transition to EVs in India Will Require Rs 19.7 Lakh Crore Investment: Report

The transition to EVs in India will require a cumulative investment of Rs 19.7 lakh crore in EVs, charging infrastructure, & batteries by 2030 A new report by NITI Aayog and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has found that the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in India will require a cumulative capital investment of USD 266 billion (Rs 19.7 lakh crore) in EVs, […]

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‘Mobilising Finance for EVs in India’ Report by Niti Aayog

India has signalled that the future of mobility is electric. The economics of vehicle electrification are improving, with battery pack prices decreasing from about Rs 75,000/kWh in 2010 to Rs 13,000/kWh in 2019. Despite a dip in EV sales in 2020, due to the economic effects of COVID-19, confidence in India’s EV future will continue […]

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Tesla Won’t Solve the Issue of Low EVs Influx in India: IDTechEx Report

Tesla has announced its plans to enter the Indian automobile market at the very beginning of 2021. So how will Tesla reach its goals in India, and how India will boost its EV adoption with this foreign entry? Well, the answer is not quite that straight and easy. However, a report from IDTechEx: “Electric Vehicles in […]

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