Energy Transition

US Renewables to Outpace Coal for Entire 2Q of 2019

Utility-scale renewables in the US have been predicted to will generate more electricity than coal through the entire second quarter of 2019 According to a new analysis, utility-scale renewables in the U.S. generated more electricity than coal for the first time in April, and the trend will likely persist through the entire second quarter of […]

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UNDP and IRENA to Accelerate Low-Carbon Energy Transition

UNDP and IRENA announced a global partnership to accelerate the low-carbon energy transition. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) have announced a global partnership to accelerate the low-carbon energy transition and offer concrete steps to achieve sustainable development.  Under the cooperation, the organizations will explore joint initiatives aimed […]

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Investors Paid the Price For GE Misjudging the Potential of Renewables

Investors in GE lost billions due to the company misjudging the pace of the global energy transition towards renewable energy According to a new report, investors in, once the most valuable company in the world, General Electric (GE) lost billions due to the company misjudging the pace of the global energy transition towards renewables. The […]

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IRENA Report on Global energy transformation: A roadmap to 2050 (2019 edition)

Increased use of renewable energy, combined with intensified electrification, could prove decisive for the world to meet key climate goals by 2050. This study from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) highlights immediately deployable, cost-effective options for countries to fulfill climate commitments and limit the rise of global temperatures. The envisaged energy transformation would also […]

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Impact of Smart Charging EVs on the Energy Transition

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) recently issued its review analysis on the potential and impact of smart charging electric vehicles on the energy transition. Today the average car runs on fossil fuels, but growing pressure for climate action, falling battery costs, and concerns about air pollution in cities, has given life to the once […]

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IEA Offers Insight to Morocco’s Energy Transition

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has in its latest in-depth review of Morocco’s energy policies, highlighted the institutional, legal and fiscal reforms undertaken to promote the sustainable development of the country’s energy sector. Since the last review in 2014, the agency noted the government’s positive efforts to boost renewable investment, provide access to electricity, and […]

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World Bank Fund For Climate-Smart Mining to Support Clean Energy Transition

The Facility will support the sustainable extraction and processing of minerals and metals used in clean energy technologies, such as wind, solar power, and batteries for energy storage and electric vehicles. The World Bank Group has launched the Climate-Smart Mining Facility, the first-ever fund dedicated to making mining for minerals climate-smart and sustainable. The Facility will […]

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Ireland’s Energy Sector Transformation Lead by its Power Sector

Ireland has successfully advanced the transformation of its energy sector, led primarily by the power sector. In 2017, about a quarter of the country’s total power generation came from wind power, the third highest share among all 30 IEA member countries, according to the latest review of Ireland’s energy policies by the International Energy Agency. The electricity […]

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Sweden Comes Out on Top in IEA’s Energy Transition Country Review

Sweden is a global leader in building a low-carbon economy, with the lowest share of fossil fuels in its primary energy supply among all IEA member countries, and the second-lowest carbon-intensive economy. Sweden has been successful in its energy transformation through market-based policies that focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy, notably CO2 taxation, which has […]

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