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“A thriving urban mining ecosystem is essential to reduce reliance on imports”, Saurav Goyal, Metastable Materials

Bengaluru-based battery recycling startup Metastable Materials is pioneering a first-of-its-kind, chemical-free technology and system named  ‘Integrated Carbonthermal Reduction’ (ICR) for ‘recycling’ of Li-Ion batteries in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner that can extract a wide range of materials from batteries, with more than 90% recovery rate. We caught up with co-founder and COO Saurav Goyal […]

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Investment In Renewable Energy Matches Fossil Fuels in 2022 For First Time – BNEF

Investments in the renewable energy sector continue to power the energy transition underway, away from fossil fuels. As per a Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) report called  ‘Energy Transition Investment Trends 2023’, for the first time, global investment in low-carbon energy technologies worldwide was roughly equivalent to amount invested in fossil fuels. The amount of investment in […]

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With Energy Supplies On Edge, Delhi’s Poor Solar Record Comes Back To Bite It

Even as an unprecedented heatwave across most of India, especially North India sends temperatures soaring,  Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world, has barely achieved its clean energy goals and increased its dependence on non-renewable sources of energy. This, despite some of the most ambitious plans to green up. The capital has […]

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Lithuania Well Placed to Lead on Clean Energy in Baltic Region: IEA

Lithuania has made impressive headway in its clean energy transition in recent years but needs to take action in several key areas to accelerate progress towards its goal of climate neutrality in 2050, according to a new policy review by the International Energy Agency. The European nation is seeking membership of the IEA, which conducted the […]

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Wind and Solar Can Improve Energy Security and Independence in Albania

IRENA’s renewables readiness assessment offers Albania recommendations to align energy policy with growth and climate agendas  A new report published today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows that Albania could significantly improve its energy security and reduce energy system vulnerability to climate impacts by deploying its vast solar and wind resources. Full exploration of national […]

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Bright future of Hydrogen Fuel Cells in India

Road transport today is responsible for a significant and growing share of global anthropogenic emissions of CO2. Moreover, it is almost entirely dependent on oil-derived fuels and therefore highly vulnerable to possible oil price shocks and supply disruptions. Improving road transport requires all these issues to be addressed. Introducing alternative transport fuels and vehicles will […]

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New Solar Energy Plan for Bangladesh Provides Solutions for Energy Security, Rising Costs

A shift in focus to renewables would help to reduce the need for power subsidies or tariff increases A new National Solar Energy Action Plan that has reportedly been drafted by SREDA – the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority – could be a significant and timely turnaround in Bangladesh’s renewable energy ambition. The report is coming […]

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India’s RE Push Based on Energy Security and Climate Change: Suresh Prabhu

India’s focus on renewables will not only ensure energy security but also address environmental concerns, former union minister Suresh Prabhu has said India’s focus on renewable segments like solar, wind and hydropower will not only ensure energy security but also address environmental concerns, former union minister Suresh Prabhu said on Wednesday. “The energy and environment are the two sides of the […]

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Andhra Pradesh to set up Energy Conservation Cells in Government Departments

The government of Andhra Pradesh is planning to set up Energy Conservation Cells in all its departments to promote efficient use of energy at all levels In a bid to promote energy conservation and efficiency, the state government of Andhra Pradesh is planning to set up Energy Conservation Cells (ECC) in all its departments to promote efficient use of […]

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