EDP Group

Chile EDPR Acquires 628 MW Wind and Solar Portfolio in Chilean Market

Spain-headquartered renewable energy company EDP Renewables (EDP Renováveis) recently announced that it has signed agreements to acquire a 628 MW wind and solar portfolio in Chile, with commercial operations expected to commence between 2023 and 2025. The transaction has been reached through two separate agreements with Atacama Energy and Lader Energy for a total consideration […]

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EDP Group to Invest Over €1 Billion in Green Energy in Galacia, Spain

Lisbon-headquartered electric utilities company EDP- Energias de Portugal recently announced its plans to invest more than 1 billion euros in Galicia, Spain, over the next 10 years, to develop renewables and support the region’s on-going transition to a new energy and economic model, within the framework of the European Next Generation funds. The Portugal company […]

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