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Continued Tariffs On Module Imports to US On Agenda For Biden

While a court ruling might have dented some of the tariffs imposed on module imports, in this case Bifacial module imports to the US, the odds of Trump era tariffs continuing remain high for the foreseeable future. This is as much due to continuing tensions with China, the key target, than the need to allow […]

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100 Percent Carbon Free by 2035. The Democrat Offer For Renewable energy

Perhaps the least talked about, but most significant promises being talked up as the US presidential elections campaign warms up is the democrat push for 100 percent carbon free power production by 2035. The plan easily overshadows comparable targets for all other countries in the G20, and if implemented with even limited success, cold change […]

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Trump Administration Lags Obama Record for RE Approvals: CAP

A new analysis has revealed that the Trump Administration has approved about half as many wind and solar energy projects as the Obama administration had at the same point. A new analysis by the Center for American Progress (CAP) has revealed that the Interior Department of the Trump Administration has approved about half as many wind […]

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Is Trump’s Tariff a Big Deal For Solar Industry ?

The safeguard tariff on imported solar modules and cells issued by US administration begins at 30 percent in the first year, declines to 25 percent in the second, 20 percent in the third and ends at 15 percent in the fourth. Since US President Donald Trump made the announcement to impose 30 percent tariffs on […]

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Donald Trump’s Tariff on Imported Solar Panels Will Cost 23,000 Jobs: SEIA

The Donald Trump administration has decided to slap a whopping 30 percent tariff on solar cells and washing machines imported from China. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has stated that the 30 percent tariffs on imported solar panels and cells will cost the United States 23,000 jobs. Angered by the Trump’s decision, the trade […]

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Mexico Slams Donald Trump’s Decision on Solar Panels Tariff

Donald Trump has said the tariffs are going to help U.S. manufacturers. His administration has imposed an immediate tariff of 30 percent on most imported solar modules, with the rate declining before phasing out after four years. Mexico has stated that it regrets the Donald Trump’s decision not to exclude it from tariffs on imported […]

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Solar Power Industry in Florida Gaining Momentum But Under Threat

With more than 97,000 solar-powered homes, nearly 500 solar companies and more than 8,000 solar jobs, Florida has gained momentum in this industry. Solar power industry in Florida is rapidly gaining momentum, according to data from the Solar Energy Industry Association. But an impending trade policy decision on President Donald Trump’s desk could bring it […]

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United States Examining Partnering With International Solar Alliance

The USA has shown keen interest to partner in the ISA programme and projects but for formal membership it may have its internal processes. Inspite of the USA withdrawing from the Paris Accord on climate change, International Solar Alliance (ISA) remains hopeful of partnership with that country. “I had received a mail from US yesterday […]

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