Danial Hadizadeh

Mitrex Brings World’s First Colored Solar Panels with California Energy Commission Listing

Canadian manufacturer of solar panels and integrated solar technology provider Mitrex has claimed to be the world’s first and only solar manufacturer to receive California Energy Commission’s (CEC) listing for colored solar panels. The company announced that its products are not only CEC, NY-Sun, and FSEC listed, but boast of bankability testing that evaluates the […]

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Canadian BIPV Maker Mitrex Releases 800W Solar Panel

Mitrex Integrated Solar Technology, a Canadian building integrated photovoltaics manufacturer, has released its largest tandem solar panel with a total power output of up to 800W. The panels are made in Canada using monocrystalline silicon solar cells and are equipped with Mitrex’s patented anti-reflecting technology which is said to optimize electricity generation. The Mitrex solar […]

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