Cyclone Fani

Powergrid Restores Power Supply in Cyclone-hit Odisha

State-run Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (Powergrid) has announced that it has helped state utilities restore electricity supply in cyclone-hit Odisha.  Cyclone Fani on May 3, 2019, caused massive damage to power supply infrastructure in coastal Odisha, uprooting lakhs of electric poles, transformers and collapse of towers, Powergrid said in a statement.  “Powergrid has helped restore power with […]

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Demand of Solar Powered Devices in Odisha Shoots Up after Cyclone Fani

Cyclone Fani might have sent shudders down plans for large sized solar parks in the region, but ironically, the demand for distributed solar products has gone up. People are now grappling with water shortage, lack of electricity, poor mobile connectivity and cash crunch. With no end to electricity woes on sight, residents of the capital […]

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