Chinese dominance

The Pushback Against China’s Dominance In Solar Manufacturing

Close on the heels of the European Solar Manufacturing Council (ESMC) virtually putting up its hands on the future of solar manufacturers in the continent comes news of US senators urging the Biden Administration to take action against ‘cheap” Chinese imports as well. The same Chinese imports have actually made solar more accessible and viable […]

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Chinese Manufactucturers Flex Muscle In Wind Energy Too With 60% Market Share

While the world has been familiar with Chinese dominance of the solar sector, it is the wind energy sector where Chinese manufacturers have been making even faster strides. Onshore wind energy is dominated by Chinese firms today, even as Offshore wind, the last ‘frontier’ for western dominance, continues to crumble in the face of the […]

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China’s Solar Dominance: How Key Consumer Markets Are Adapting

Governments across the globe are increasingly investing in various sources of new and renewable energy to reach their targets of either achieving carbon neutrality or reducing emissions considerably to help realise the goal of the Paris agreement – limiting the rise in global temperature below 2-degree celsius from pre-industrial levels. Solar power is one of […]

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China’s RE Boom Year Poses Challenges to Western Markets: WoodMac

China’s renewables manufacturing has emerged from 2021 bigger and more competitive than ever before. Western markets are benefitting from trading with the IKEA of the energy transition, but balancing reliance on China’s technology providers with local interests is now a key political as well as environmental challenge, says Wood Mackenzie. China’s need to meet soaring […]

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