China Solar Industry

Silicone Sealant Contributes to the High-Quality Development of PV Industry

Tell us about GUIBAO’s into the solar market for sealants. GUIBAO, a leading solar chemicals and equipment specialist entered the solar PV market in 2006, providing a series of complementary products for the PV industry (involving frame sealant, junction box potting sealant, BIPV structural sealant, silicon wafer cutting sealant, sealant rod, etc.). How did the […]

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GoodWe To Produce One million Units Per Year Post Expansion

PV Inverter manufacturer GoodWe has announced a major manufacturing  expansion to up to one million units per year in phase II of its Guangde manufacturing facility in China. The firm, ranked as the leading storage inverter firm in the world by Wood Mackenzie, has a strong presence across categories in solar. The company hosted the […]

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