China Solar

Risen Energy Invests in Cell and Module Expansion

Chinese solar panel manufacturer Risen Energy has announced that the company and Ningbo South Coastal Economic Development have inked an agreement for a 15 GW N-type ‘Ultra-Low-Carbon High-efficiency’ hetero-junction cells factory and a 15 GW ‘high-efficiency’ solar module production facility. As per the company, the quest will incur a total investment of $2.39 billion, of […]

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550 MW Solar Plant Comes up On Tidal Land In China

On December 16, 2021, as the Wenzhou Taihan 550MW aquaculture-PV complementary Solar Plant built in tidal land joined the grid, increasing the installed capacity of clean energy power generation in the local power grid by about 26%. The plant, probably the biggest of its kind in Asia has Astronergy/CHINT Solar behind it as the investor/builders. Expected […]

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China Solar, Wind to Attract $780Bn Investment by 2030: Research report

China has pledged to increase non-fossil fuel energy to at least 20 percent of total consumption by the end of the next decade, up from 12 percent in 2015, part of its efforts to tackle air pollution and bring carbon dioxide emissions to a peak by around 2030. China’s wind and solar sectors could attract […]

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