US, EU and Japan Lead in Carbon Capture and Storage Usage: Report

The European Union (EU) released a report sharing an ongoing trend in the usage of CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage). The report gives an assessment of 2022 global industry. The report states that the CCUS industry witnessed an increase in storage capacity by 44% over the year. However, the report anticipates that the cost […]

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SaurEnergy Explains – CCS and CCUS: Promise or Pipe Dream in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Oil and gas companies have been leaders in CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage) development. They operate five of the eight dedicated CO2 storage projects in operation and most of the existing CO2 pipelines. It’s marketed that the practice of capturing and storing carbon dioxide, rather than tackling the causes of the emissions themselves, could […]

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IFESTOS- Large Carbon Capture Capture Project in Greece Gets EU Commission Grant

The European Commission has picked out 41 projects to prepare grant agreements to enable firms dabbling in segments such as energy-intensive industries, hydrogen, renewable energy, and manufacturing components for energy storage and renewables. The EU has dedicated EUR 3.6 billion to enable various firms to bring  innovative technologies to the market. The grants are from […]

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