CSE Report Hints At The Bottlenecks In India’s Bio-CNG Production

A recent report by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a New Delhi-based think tank, hinted towards several bottlenecks which are throttling the growth of bio-CNG (a biofuel) in India. The latest study showed that there are problems in the assured takeaway of the bio-CNG produced by the producers, almost no procurement of the biogas fertilizer, […]

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Budget 2023 Offers No Surprises, Focus On Continuity

With the budget presented, it’s time to make a quick assessment of what it had for the renewable energy sector. With Green growth made a key pillar of the 7 focus areas for the government, it does seem like the government is looking at a broader push like enabling ease of doing business, skilling, rather […]

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NexGen Energia Seeks Gold In CBG With 1000 CBG Plants Ambition

A clean fuel energy company, NexGen Energia is focused on exploring opportunities to establish green diesel refineries and Compressed Biogas (CBG) production units which it insists is set to be the ‘future fuel of India’. The company has pioneered in the art of making CNG (CBG) from locally sourced waste and agricultural waste in India, […]

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Biofuels: Empowering the Economy and Conserving the Environment

Notwithstanding adversities of pandemic India is projected to report close to double digit GDP growth this year based on studies by renowned institutions. Thanks to huge domestic market consumption though exports are likely to remain subdued! The energy requirement of an economy is directly proportional to population and the momentum of development. Electricity and fuel […]

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