Boviet Solar

Solar Manufacturing Seeks A China Fix As Regions Push For Energy Security

Solar manufacturing, until now synonymous with giant factories in China is now finding its roots in several new hotspots worldwide. Initiatives to boost solar manufacturing are being taken worldwide as the world has accelerated the efforts to shift to renewables in a bid to move toward a sustainable future. Notably, over the last decade, the […]

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Boviet Solar to Supply 861 MW PV Modules to Vesper Energy

Vietnam-based solar energy tech giant Boviet Solar Technology has entered into a 861-MW PV module master supply agreement with US-based Vesper Energy. Boviet Solar said that the agreement will utilize its Vega Series BVM7612M 545-555-H-HC-BF-DG and BVM7612M 545-550-H-HC-BF-DG Mono-Bifacial PERC Double glass PV modules for Vesper Energy projects that are located in Texas and Ohio […]

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Vietnam’s Boviet Solar Confirms 255 MW Solar Capacity Win in the United States

Vietnam-headquartered Boviet Solar has signed a contract with a renewable energy provider to supply 255 MW of PV Modules for a utility-scale solar project in the United States. It has a 1.5 GW Monocrystalline PERC Cell & Module Manufacturing capacity. Boviet Solar makes monocrystalline wafer technology integrated with PERC, half-cut, multi-busbar, Monofacial, and Bifacial PV […]

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Boviet Solar USA Unveils Latest 60-cell PERC Solar Modules at Intersolar North America 2017

The new 60-cell PERC Solar Modules include a 290W 60-cell Polycrystalline diamond-cut solar module and a 300W Monocrystalline Smart Module with built-in monitoring and module-level voltage shutdown. Boviet Solar Technology Co., Ltd., a global leader in the manufacture of high-quality photovoltaic technology, will be displaying the company’s newest 60-cell PERC solar modules at the Intersolar […]

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Boviet Solar Introduces New 60-cell 280-295W Smart Solar Modules Embed with SolarEdge Power Inverters

By bundling the SolarEdge power inverter with Boviet’s High Efficiency solar module, installers only have to work with a single supplier, which results in savings in both product sourcing and installation. Boviet Solar Technology Co., Ltd., has finalized a partnership with SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. to include SolarEdge solar power inverters with Boviet’s 60-cell mono smart […]

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Boviet Solar Introduces New 1500 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Modules in US

Boviet Solar USA has launched its new 1500 volt polycrystalline solar modules. The new high-voltage solar modules are ideal for large commercial and utility scale solar installations and require less balance of system (BoS) components compared to 1000 volt modules. The new 1500 volt solar modules will be available in a 72-cell configuration with 12-year […]

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