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Rooftop Solar Presents a $23 Billion Opportunity in India: Report

Rooftop solar in India will grow inevitably with or without the support of power distribution utilities According to a new report released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), India’s 40-GW target for rooftop solar PV by 2022 represents a $23 billion investment opportunity. The report titled, ‘Accelerating India’s Clean Energy Transition,’ which was released at […]

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New Technologies Projected to Make Renewable Energy Sources More Affordable

  According to a research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), significant advances continue to work their way through the Solar industry. An important technological development is expected to make renewable energy more affordable. BNEF pointed out the introduction of diamond wire saws to slice multicrystalline silicon ingots into wafers can reduce the amount of […]

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Trina Solar Rated Top Bankable Module Supplier by BNEF

After having obtained the top spot in the previous 2016 report, Trina Solar has now once again been rated bankable by 100% of the banks, EPCs, consultants and industry experts participating in the BNEF survey. Trina Solar has announced that it has received a top rating in the latest module bankability report, published by Bloomberg […]

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Renewable Energy Will Be Reaching 49 percent in India by 2040: BNEF

“Wind and solar energy account for 48 percent of installed capacity and 34 percent of electricity generation world-wide by 2040. This is compared with just 12 percent and 5 percent today. Installed solar capacity increases 14-fold and wind capacity fourfold by 2040. We anticipate renewable energy reaching 74 percent penetration in Germany, 38 percent in […]

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JinkoSolar holds 41% of Solar PV market share in Latin America -BNEF Report

With 6 manufacturing units around the globe, JinkoSolar’s entire production process is closely monitored. Every cell and module is subjected to at least 36 steps of the most stringent quality inspection procedures. Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) in its latest report revealed that JinkoSolar 41% of market share in Latin America. The European PV market […]

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Tata Power achieves the milestone of shipping 1 GW Solar Modules

Tata Power Solar has achieved 60% rise in shipment of solar modules in last five years Tata Power Solar, India’s largest integrated solar company, has successfully shipped 1 GW solar modules worldwide, a first for any Indian solar manufacturer. Having one of the largest solar manufacturing facilities in India, with modules as well as cell […]

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India as a solar power bright spot helps fill Japan, China slowdown

India is expected to double up its solar power capacity outpacing once-booming Japan India may be a bright spot for global solar power markets this year as it adds capacity at a record pace, becoming one of the top regions for panel producers struggling with rock-bottom prices. India is expected to add nearly twice as […]

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Tata Power Solar rated ‘Tier I module manufacturer’ by BNEF

Tata Power Solar has announced that it has been rated ‘Tier I module manufacturer’ by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). The global tiering system evaluates various PV manufacturing companies globally, every quarter, based on different aspects and their bankability, to identify the top tier companies in the market across the world. BNEF rates a company […]

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Potential of India’s Renewable Energy Resources

The capability of renewable energy in India – and the price tag to acknowledge– was highlighted recently by boards of energy and financing specialists. ‘The potential is colossal – the quantity of GWs is brain boggling,’ said Amit De, Sr. Strategies SkyPower Global. ‘SkyPower has resolved to manufacture 18GW of solar projects in India by […]

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