BioSolar Reports Progress on its High-Energy Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

BioSolar completed initial comparative tests of their silicon-metal anode against top commercially available silicon anode materials. Their tests found that BioSolar’s anode technology retained a higher storage capacity than what is commercially available BioSolar, Inc. has provided a progress report on the development of its high-energy anode material for next generation lithium batteries. The company […]

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BioSolar Executives Attend Industry Leading Battery Power Conference; Support Industry’s Continued Focus on Safety and Increased Performance

BioSolar, Inc., a developer of breakthrough energy storage technology and materials, referenced its recent attendance at the Annual Lithium Battery Power Conference, reinforcing the Company’s emphasis on achieving not only breakthroughs in efficacy, but maintaining safeguards and protocols that ensure commercial viability. BioSolar CEO David Lee attended the November 2016 Annual Lithium Battery Power Conference […]

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BioSolar initiates development of high energy anode for current and next Gen lithium batteries

BioSolar has announced that it has started a new program for the development of a high energy anode for current and next generation lithium batteries. While this anode is an independent technology; the Company will seek synergies with the Super Cathode technology it has been developing. BioSolar’s cathode technology, which had been the primary focus […]

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