BioSolar Executives Attend Industry Leading Battery Power Conference; Support Industry’s Continued Focus on Safety and Increased Performance

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BioSolar, Inc., a developer of breakthrough energy storage technology and materials, referenced its recent attendance at the Annual Lithium Battery Power Conference, reinforcing the Company’s emphasis on achieving not only breakthroughs in efficacy, but maintaining safeguards and protocols that ensure commercial viability.

BioSolar CEO David Lee attended the November 2016 Annual Lithium Battery Power Conference in Bethesda, Maryland, where leading industry engineers and researchers addressed a range of topics spanning breakthroughs in novel battery chemistries, the development of high-capacity cathodes/anodes, and system integration and applications for novel battery technologies. Battery safety was also a main focus at the conference, as news about the Samsung’s mobile battery explosions have greatly impacted perspectives on lithium battery technology.

“As researchers continue to advance battery technologies, battery safety and increased performance should continue to inform their approach to development,” says Dr. Lee. “BioSolar’s leadership and technology team fully realizes the importance of both efficacy and safety, two components we deem crucial to the future commercialization and success of our battery technology.”

This month’s Today’s Energy Solutions magazine highlights BioSolar’s silicon-based anode battery technology for next generation lithium-ion batteries. BioSolar’s research and development focuses on enhancing both the anode and the cathode, two key components of any battery technology. This strategy is representative of the Company’s view that for energy storage to be practical and cost efficient, it’s important to address underlying battery chemistries. BioSolar is working towards commercialization of its technology with the goal of increasing energy capacity, extending the life cycle, and reducing the cost of lithium-ion batteries.

This push towards development and eventual commercialization of BioSolar battery technology comes at a time when opportunities in the US Energy market are significantly expanding. As referenced in a recent article published by Vox Media, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) proposed new rules allowing broader access for Companies developing distributed energy resources (DERs), which includes batteries, solar panels, smart energy-management software, to regional markets where they can compete directly with big power plants.

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