Binghamton University

New Water Splitting Catalyst Could Make it Easier to Generate Solar Fuel

Water splitting, the process of harvesting solar energy to generate energy-dense fuels, could be simplified thanks to new research. A Research team, led by Louis Piper, Associate Professor of Physics, Binghamton University and researchers from Diamond Light Source and Brookhaven National Laboratory, figured out how “doping” (or adding metal ions) into vanadium pentoxide (M-V2O5) nanowires raises the […]

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Scientists Create Most Powerful Micro-Scale Bio-Solar Cell Yet

A micro fluidic lab-on-a-chip system that generates its own power is essential for stand-alone, independent, self-sustainable point-of-care diagnostic devices to work in limited-resource and remote regions. Researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York have created a micro-scale biological solar cell that generates a higher power density for longer than any existing cell of […]

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