Bhaskar Ramamurthi

A Rooftop Solar DC Power System Developed by IIT M Gets Award

Solar DC Power System developed by IIT Madras, comprises 0.9sqm solar panel of capacity and can power few fans, lights, a television, mobile charging, mixer grinder and computer that runs on DC current. A Solar DC Power System developed by IIT Madras, that can power a small home at lesser cost than a conventional solar […]

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ABB India signs MoU with IIT Madras to develop multi village microgrid models

As part of the UAY scheme, ABB India and IIT Madras will collaborate to develop a power management system to optimize the operation of multiple micro-grids, with and without grid connection, while managing electricity supply to villages. This system will also enable the integration of individual solar PV rooftops to a village microgrid. The government […]

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