Aramco To Generate 12 GW Wind And Solar Power By 2035

Saudi oil conglomerate Aramco has announced that it will be aiming for 12 GW of solar and wind capacity by 2035. Aramco also wants to generate 11 million tonnes of blue ammonia by the end of this decade that will employ 1.93 million tonnes of blue hydrogen. Blue hydrogen is hydrogen made from oil but […]

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Saudi Arabia Gets Serious About Solar to Meet National, Youth Aspirations

Saudi Arabia is on a tight deadline. The kingdom has set itself some of the most ambitious economic and social targets in the region, with an aim to revamp its economy completely. Underpinning this drive for change is its youth population, now better equipped than ever to contribute productively. Not only does the kingdom want […]

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Mukesh Ambani Signals A Clean Energy Shift at RIL AGM

At the Reliance AGM (Annual General Meeting for Shareholders) yesterday Chairman Mukesh Ambani made some key announcements that deserve scrutiny for their implications on India’s fossil fuels future. The 43rd AGM of Reliance Industries Limited, now India’s most valuable group, was notable for announcements in the group’s traditional fuels business, even as all the thunder […]

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