Anupam Jalote

iCreate Incubated Charge+Zone Signs MOU for 50,000 Charging Stations

iCreate, the Gujarat government backed tech startup incubator has facilitated a partnership between it’s supported start-up CHARGE+ZONE, a technology-driven EV Charging Networks company and the Government of Gujarat, for $300 Million investment, in an endeavour to set up a network of un-manned, app-driven 10,000 charging stations  within the state of Gujarat on national and state […]

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India’s iCreate, Israel’s Start-Up Nation Central Partner for Green Tech

iCreate (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology), an Indian startup incubator and Start-Up Nation Central, a not-for-profit organisation that connects multinational corporations, governments, investors, and NGOs to the Israeli innovation ecosystem, are collaborating to promote the adoption of green technologies. This partnership will also set the stage for the 2nd cohort of the India-Israel Innovation […]

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