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Ideal Energy Picks NEXTracker’s NX Flow for Solar-plus-Storage System in Iowa

The project will be built on University land and after completion it is projected to be one of the largest solar-plus-storage power plants in the state, producing enough energy to cover nearly a third of the University’s annual electricity usage. Iowa-based Ideal Energy has selected NEXTracker NX Flow integrated solar-plus-storage system for its 1.1 MW power plant at […]

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VIZ-A-VIZ with Alex Au, CTO, NEXTracker

“While India tenders for storage + PV projects are beginning to take root after a year or so of fits and starts, NEXTracker has been building a solid foundation of brain power and boots on the ground staff in our Hyderabad office from design engineers, product and project managers. We look forward to enhancing India’s […]

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