50 GW milestone

Nextracker First To Reach 50 GW Solar Tracker Shipments Globally

Nextracker™ has announced the crossing of the 50 gigawatts (GW) in global shipments for it. The achievement makes it the first solar tracker firm to get there, and marks the relevance of a technology that is on the ascendance once more, as more efficient modules hit the market. The 50 GW figure is equivalent to […]

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Ingeteam Blows Past 50 GW Wind Energy Milestone

Ingeteam, the Spanish technology Group specialized in electric power conversion, has confirmed commissioning 50 GW of electrical wind power conversion equipment to date. This includes sales of wind power converters and wind control cabinets. Ingeteam entered the wind industry in 1995 working on the development of variable-speed machines. They were the first manufacturer to launch […]

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