Sineng Electric EP-2500-HA-OD Central Inverter

Sineng Electric EP-2500-HA-OD Central Inverter

Product Brief

Sineng Electric launched the EP-2500- HA-OD central inverter at the REI 2017. Available with Three-level topology, maximum efficiency up to 99.02 %, the new central inverter comes with maximum DC/ AC ratio up to 1.5V.

Product Feature

With 1500V DC voltage, maximum efficiency of up to 99.02% and 2.5MW unit integrated design, the EP-2500- HA-OD helps reduce the initial investment cost and increases the income from power generation significantly. It is also available with Anti-PID function, and is compact, making it easy-to-maintain.


It is suitable for complete grid support functionality (LVRT, HVRT, Reactive/Active Power Regulation).


The central distributed inverter displayed at the show has several advantages highly recognized by the Indian market, including Multiple MPPT, high power output and low initial investment and maintenance costs.



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