EyeCube Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera

EyeCube Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera

PRODUCT BRIEF: For both indoor and outdoor use, the EyeCube solar-powered security camera which boasts of 1080p HD vision, very easy installation and portability because of its miniature size equivalent to an apple.

PRODUCT FEATURES: The camera is 100 percent wire-free and is able to absorb sunlight 270° with easy installation and uninstallation. Fully charged, the built-in 3000 mAh battery allows the camera TO work well for more than 3 months without any cable charging. And it can absorb sunlight and transfer to about 10% (100-400mAh) of the electricity per day.

APPLICATION: Security Camera

PRODUCT BENEFITS: The camera also has the PIR low consumption mode, it allows the camera to only be activated when something appears within the capture range, and only consumes 30-40 mAh per day.

AVAILABILITY: The product is in the fundraising phase and will be launched officially soon.

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