Goa Solar Energy Policy

Goa Solar Energy Policy

Goa Solar Energy Policy


  • To help India produce Green Power & get involved in Climate Control.
  • To empower the electricity consumer to participate in the development of the Power Sector and to become a producer of electricity while remaining as a Consumer also i.e. be proactively involved in the development of the Power Sector and be a “Prosumer” (Producer + Consumer).
  • To be a proud owner of the Electricity Gen-eration Plant for its own use and shave off the Electricity units consumed at higher tariff by setting off the Solar Units so produced. Programming the use of Solar Power first, followed by the conventional power, Diesel Engine Power and then battery power or as the need be, to reduce electricity bill by the Consumer.
  • To be a seller of Electricity to the extent of the excess Solar Power units after internal use, so produced to the Grid, and help distributed renewable energy generation and reducing Transmission and Distribution losses by becoming an integral part of the Grid.
  • To enable third party sales of Solar Energy through the Grid.
  • To use the Rooftop of a house/ factory / Warehouse / Government building / Panchayat Bhavan / Community centre/ School/ dispensary / hospital / parking Shed or place / Group housing society/ market roof top or any such place or vacant space or waste land effectively for Solar Power Generation use.
  • To be able to consume equivalent units of Solar Power produced one location and using at any other location within the same Union Territory / State by the Prosumer, or sale to a third party (as and when smart metering is made ready with hardware and necessary software within the Union Territory/ State). Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for the state of Goa and Union Territory.
  • To help meet the distribution licensee to meet Renewable Purchase Obligations (RPOs), avoiding the need to buy Rene-wable Energy Certificates (RECs) which effectively is without inflow of electricity, and or at a higher price buying Solar Power from third parties inside or outside the state and paying for transmission charges & losses, thus making average pooled power purchase cost much higher to the dis-advantage of the Consumers.
  • To earn from the sale of Renewable Energy Certificates by selling the solar power to the distribution licensee, at a distribution licensee’s average cost of Power Purchase, if any Consumer wishes so.
  • To help Diesel abatement, help in environ-ment / climate control and use cheaper Solar Power as against Diesel Power reducing Power Cost and negative impact on the environment.
  • To promote the implementation of net-zero energy houses / buildings and facilities, whereby the energy consumed is equal to or less than the energy produced by the building.



The state government will promote and encourage development of SOLAR POWER PARKS to accelerate the development of solar power generation projects and associated manufacturing facilities, through the availability of large areas of suitable land, provision of common infrastructure including grid connection for power evacuation, water access, as well as facilitating the permitting process, internal access roads etc.

  • These solar parks may be established at appropriate locations in the state of Goa either by private developers on their own or through PPP model on cost sharing basis.
  • Individual industries can either set up their own solar power facility or can contribute to the common pool of production of solar energy undertaken by the State Nodal Agency (SNA) i.e. GEDA.


All domestic consumers will be encouraged to put up roof-top solar installations.


Any person / Any Electricity consumer of the territory of JERC / Corporate body/ Company/ Government Body / Institution/ PSUs /State / Departments / Local Govern-ments/Municipal Corporations/National Housing Board/ Individual’s / factory owner / Warehouse owner/ Resident Welfare Associations/ Market Associations / Group Housing Society/ Panchyat Bhavan / Canal owners / Ports / Vehicle Parking Sheds or any other similar entity or a place etc.


a).The consumers interested in setting up of solar rooftop PV project can approach the State Agency for grant of applicable MNRE, Govt. of India grant as per the prevailing instructions/guidelines.

b). The Solar PV plant will be eligible for the fiscal and other incentives as per New and Renewable Sources Energy (NRSE) Policy 2012 of Govt. of India


The applicant shall pay application fee of Rs. 50(Fifty) /kW along with the application to the Distribution Licensee.

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