Trina Solar Announces Mass Production of Two 500W+ Modules

Trina Solar has announced the launch of the pilot line for the mass production of the 500W+ Duomax V and Tallmax V (V series) modules.

Trina Solar 500W+ Modules

Trina Solar, a global leading provider of integrated PV modules and smart energy solutions, has announced the pilot line for the mass production of the 500W+ Duomax V and Tallmax V (V series) modules. The event marks another milestone achieved by the company this year after the global launch of the V series on February 27, 2020.

The 500W+ V series modules, with a conversion efficiency reaching 21 percent, boast a power output exceeding over 500W. Incorporating 210 mm cells, the 500W+ V series modules come in two versions – the Duomax V bifacial double-glass modules and Tallmax V back sheet modules and can be seamlessly connected to existing mainstream photovoltaic system designs, including tracking solutions.

Based on the firms’ superior multi-busbar technology, the modules incorporate an innovative design that integrates advanced three-piece, non-destructive cutting and high-density packaging technologies, eliminating the potential risks associated with ultra-high power modules: voltage, current and thermal overload as well as micro cracks.

To address the new challenges, the company and its partners jointly developed several industry firsts: a high-speed non-destructive cutting technology, uniform welding for multi-busbar solar modules made of 210 mm cells, a new methodology for the automated layout of solar panels as well as laminated welding equipment capable of handling mass production. These firsts, when integrated into the production process, help to achieve steady production.

Trina Solar vice general manager and executive vice president Yin Rongfang said, “the 500W+ V series modules are the result of many technological improvements to the manufacturing process undertaken over the last 20+ years combined with our accumulated experience in many aspects of the end-to-end process, including product integration and downstream systems. We are encouraged by the fact that the products have received wide attention and recognition from our industry colleagues, customers and media since their launch.

“The 500W+ V series modules not only bring us to a new breakthrough point for customer value maximisation, but also inject a new driving force for value growth into the whole photovoltaic industry chain. The successful pilot line for the mass production of the 500W+ V series modules has laid a solid foundation for the capacity expansion to 5.5 GW this year, leading the global photovoltaic industry into the solar 5.0 era and a win-win market for ultra-high power modules.”

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