Trina Solar Launches new 500Wp+ Bifacial Double-Glass Modules

Trina Solar Launches new 500Wp+ Bifacial Double-Glass Modules

Trina Solar has unveiled its latest Duomax V bifacial double-glass modules and Tallmax V back sheet, with output more than 500Wp, efficiency up to 21%

Trina Solar Modules

Trina Solar unveiled its latest Duomax V bifacial double-glass modules

Trina Solar, a global leading provider of integrated PV modules and smart energy solutions, has formally unveiled its latest Duomax V bifacial double-glass modules and Tallmax V back sheet. Based on the 210 mm large-size silicon wafer and monocrystalline PERC cell, the new modules come replete with several innovative design features allowing high power output of more than 500Wp and module efficiency up to 21 percent, consolidating the firms’ leadership and embracing a new era of PV 5.0.

According to preliminary estimates issued by the firm, for large-scale ground-mounted power stations in China’s Heilongjiang province, compared with conventional 410W bifacial double-glass modules, the 500W Duomax V can reduce the balance-of-system (BOS) cost by 6 to 8 percent and the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) by 3 to 4 percent.

The company will formally start accepting orders in the second quarter of 2020 and is set to achieve mass production in the third quarter, with production capacity expected to exceed 5GW by the end of the year.

“Based on its superior multi-busbar technology, Trina Solar‘s research and development team has introduced an innovative design that integrates advanced three-piece, non-destructive cutting and high-density packaging technologies. This further reduces the resistance loss and significantly improves the anti-cracking, anti-hot spot performance of the modules while maximizing space utilization.

“By doing so, the scientists created high-power modules characterized by high efficiency and high reliability. If the traditional half-cut cell design were applied to 210mm ultra-large silicon wafers, the high current output characteristics of the modules could trigger system challenges, or cause the module to crack or run afoul of DC terminal limits,” the firm issued in a statement.

Trina Solar vice general manager and executive vice president Yin Rongfang said, “Trina Solar has accumulated decades of experience in module design and manufacturing. We hope to drive the standardisation of modules through our design and manufacturing advantages, which will not only benefit many segments in the industrial chain but also enhances the design commonality of modules on the system side.”

Yin added, “In addition to the product itself, a good module requires consideration of its matching capability with existing systems. Thanks to Trina Solar’s experience in tracking systems, integrated solution and ground power station projects, we explored and solved the potential challenges that could arise in the practical application of the system early in the research and development stage, and fully tapped the potential of the product. I believe our new modules will bring the photovoltaic market to the next stage.”

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