The Most Read of 2019 on Saur Energy. What You Want

The Most Read of 2019 on Saur Energy. What You Want

Most Read of 2019

As 2019 rolls to a close, for us at, it’s easily been our best year ever. With 3275 stories done during the year, we ramped up coverage by over 50 percent, when it comes to comparisons with 2018. The results have been there for all to see.

Be it reach, engagement or sheer number of stories, we are delighted with where we find ourselves. So thank you all, dear readers, for your amazing support. We truly value your time with us, and will hope to continue giving you the best value for the time invested with

For the first time, we crossed 10 million pageviews for the year, delivered by over 3.6 million visitors who visited the website. If that wasn’t enough, Saurenergy consistently ranked at the top in Google search, especially in Google News, for key industry news and events, demonstrating the renewed trust of our readers.

So just what were the issues that drew the maximum attention? It’s quite an interesting list, and gives is valuable lessons in terms of what to bring you in the coming year.

Right up at the top is a hunch that paid off with real data backing it now. Electric Vehicles. We could sense the interest in this new category among our readers, and started ramping up coverage during the year. Led by stories such as this one on the FAME policy, electric vehicles and related coverage  has a sizeable readership on, and we are happy to continue to cover this sector in the future too for you!

If EV’s as a cohort was a surprise, then one individual story about the solar sector was even more surprising. After all, its the sector we exist for, and cover as extensively as we can. So when a story we did on women in the solar sector, or actually, the lack of women, performed extremely well in terms of reader response, we are as surprised as you possibly are.

At over 45,000 pageviews, this story, individually, was the no. 1 story of the year. Let’s hope the numbers indicate a new awareness of, and push to get more women joining in. Soon.

A third area we saw solid traction for, was our point of view articles. Covering a relevant industry issue every month.  We collected, and brought you feedback from at least three relevant stakeholders in the POV series. The series has proven itself to be a hit, and sends the clear message that readers want to hear what their leaders think on these issues. Total pageviews across POV’s- over 100,000!

We hope the leaders are also reading this, and step up more to offer their views frankly. Besides POV series, individual interviews have also performed extremely well, a testament to the knowledge and standing of the people interviewed, as well as the interest of our readers.

Speaking of interest, technical articles continued to attract a strong following, as demonstrated by this particular article that had Longi solar explaining the larger size of mono silicon wafers. The article continues to grow its readership, even at the time of publishing this, crossing the 30,000 figure last week.

Finally, of course, we had the bread and butter that the site runs on. News on auction winners, regulatory issues and specific issues in solar. 14 of the top 30 stories for the year fell in this category, and at a rough estimate, possibly 60% of the top 100 stories. That’s no surprise really, and iterates the need for us to continue to ficus on the basics

So once again, thank you dear readers, for all the attention you sent our way this year. We are learning with and from you too, and hope to make 2020 an even more rewarding experience for your time with us.

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Prasanna Singh

Prasanna has been a media professional for over 20 years. He is the Group Editor of Saur Energy International