Sungrow Gets a Role At The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Sungrow Gets a Role At The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Sungrow, the leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, has announced that the Company supplied string inverter solutions to the PV plant installed on the rooftop of the National Speed Skating Oval (known as “The Ice Ribbon”) in Beijing. The venue will host speed skating during the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympic Games. This marks a significant step to support the carbon neutral Olympics. The games start on February 4, and will go on till February 20, with China pulling out all stops to make it a showpiece event this year.

With carbon neutrality being the world’s most urgent mission, the Beijing Olympic Winter Games will be celebrated as showcasing the best practices for the collective commitment to race to net zero, garnering worldwide attention at the event in which Chinese New Year happens to coincide with.

With its vision of “sustainability for the future”, Beijing 2022 has integrated sustainability principles throughout all stages of the Games preparations. The 320kW PV plant installed on the rooftop of the National Speed Skating Oval can generate 448,000 kWh of clean electricity per year, equivalent to eliminating carbon dioxide emissions of 358,600 tons. All the electricity generated will support the daily electricity consumption of the location.

“The Ice Ribbon” is one of the entirety of venues that will be powered by renewable energy for the first time at the Olympic Games. The city of Zhangjiakou boasts some of the richest wind and solar resources in China which makes it an ideal cohost with Beijing for the greenest Olympics in history.

As a dedicated pioneer in the renewable industry, this is not the first time the Company’s technology was utilized at the Olympic Games. In 2008, Sungrow supplied PV inverters to the Bird’s Nest Stadium for Beijing Summer Olympics. Sungrow is one of the few inverter suppliers to have powered two Olympic Games.

“The Company is poised to offer growing advanced technical innovation in 2022 and beyond, to address our planetary renewable energy demand,” commented James Wu, Vice President of Sungrow, “Just like the Beijing 2022 Olympics motto says — Together for a shared future. We all must strive together for a shared cleaner and more sustainable future,” he added.

For Sungrow, with a 25 year legacy now and over 224 GW of installed capacity, the opportunity is another showpiece event to showcase its reliability and trust it enjoys in major markets.

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