Sungrow Makes a Resolution to Aatmanirbhar Bharat with 10 GW Expansion Plan

Sungrow has reiterated its commitment to the Indian market by announcing the expansion of local manufacturing capacity to 10 GW per annum

Sungrow, a leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, has reiterated its long-term commitment to the Indian market by announcing the expansion of local manufacturing capacity to 10 GW per annum, making it the largest manufacturing base in the Indian solar sector, so far. 

Sungrow 10 GW Expansion

Sungrow planning 10 GW per annum manufacturing expansion

The firm has been a strong player in the Indian solar market for more than seven years since its entry into the market. The claims that it has been at the forefront to deliver its latest innovative solutions to the ever-growing customer and project requirements. Recently, it also crossed 8 GW of PV inverter shipment to India, and thereby almost doubling its shipment to the country in a span of only one year.

Sensing the outlook, it was one of the early movers to bring its state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities into India. Since then, it has seen remarkable success story from its India factory in line with the “Make in India” mission. Taking this step further, the firm has decided to expand its India factory more than 3 times and achieve an annual production of 10 GW by 2021. 

The India factory will have a total area of 1,90,000 sqft and it will create an opportunity for direct and indirect employment for more than 300 people in India. As India is poised to be one of the critical bases in the global supply chain with its recent announcement of the PLI scheme for various manufacturing industries, Sungrow has embarked upon this bigger mission and would soon be part of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat success story.

Enthused by the success of its local manufacturing unit in the last three years, Sungrow was convinced to expand it further. So far, it has produced more than 10,000 PV inverters (a combination of more than 30 different models in both Central and String categories) from India factory to cater to the local and global demand. 

“India factory will be one of the cornerstones in Sungrow’s global strategy to provide the technologically advanced solutions in PV Inverter and ESS to a wide spectrum of customers in coming times. Our consistent efforts have been to produce competitive solutions locally and ship globally,” said Sunil Badesra, Director, India. Sungrow 10 GW Expansion

The firm has also launched its latest RT series for Indian residential market. The new residential 3 phase inverters come in various capacities from 5kW to 20kW. These are featured with cutting-edge technologies such as Smart IV Scan and Real-time monitoring for quick fault location and troubleshooting, a wide MPPT voltage range (160V-1000V) translating to higher system yield and a fully compliant built-in DC Switch enabling easier installation and huge cost-savings.

“The India factory will not only be a technological and manufacturing hub, but it will also be an important place for skill-building, training and job creation for local youths,” said Badesra. Sungrow 10 GW Expansion

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