RenewSys to Provide PPE Kits to 21 eye Hospitals and Vision Centres

RenewSys to Provide PPE Kits to 21 eye Hospitals and Vision Centres

The fight against COVID 19 continues even as the unlocking phase has begun across India. RenewSys, the renewable energy division of the ENPEE Group, has been undertaking initiatives on various fronts to safeguard the health and overall wellbeing of its stakeholders and of communities across India.

In an effort to support the continued smooth functioning of subsidised eye care treatment, RenewSys has made a contribution of Rs 53 Lakh towards providing personal protection equipment (PPE) for the doctors, medical and non-medical staff at the 10 Sankara Eye Hospitals and 11 vision centres pan India, that it has been closely associated with and has been supporting along with the ENPEE Group.

The PPE will be directed through Mission for Vison a not-for-profit organization that works on eradicating avoidable blindness in 20 Indian states.

In May 2020, RenewSys had supported the local police force at Jigani, Bengaluru where its plant is located, with 300 grocery kits that included essential items such as atta, rice, dal, sugar, soap.

Speaking on the occasion of these substantial contributions, Sanjay Kirpalani, Chairman, RenewSys India and ENPEE Group and Mr. Arun Lakhani, Director, said, “whilst massive efforts are ongoing, challenges will continue to arise as we establish a new normal post-COVID 19. In such an environment, being able to ensure comfort to those who are on the frontlines of civic service and hospital care is crucial and a priority for us.

“This contribution is a sign of our lasting, resolute commitment to support a global recovery from this pandemic and the consequences thereof. It is a part of a larger pursuit to ensure the continued wellbeing and betterment of our teams, their families, customers, vendors, stakeholders and the communities we associate with.

“We hope that this contribution will bring some measure of reassurance to doctors and caregivers, as well as the patients who visit these facilities for treatment.”

The PPE items that will be purchased include:

1. SS96 Mask: Particulate-filtering facepiece respirator that filters most airborne particles

2. Nitrile gloves: Prevents the contamination of hands from cough/ sneeze droplets, chemicals and other items

3. Visors: Helps protect the wearer’s face from exposure to cough/sneeze droplets, splashes and sprays.

Elizabeth Kurian, CEO, Mission for Vision shared her thoughts, “The ENPEE Group has been a longstanding partner in our vision towards eradicating avoidable blindness. The lack of PPE prevents frontline staff from providing eye-care services to marginalised communities and this increases the risk of these communities becoming visually impaired and thereby further socio-economically compromised. We are very grateful for RenewSys India and ENPEE Group’s generous support in procuring PPE for our projects in India.

This will help us ensure that our doctors, optometrists and patients are well-protected from the highly virulent Coronavirus and we can continue providing uninterrupted services to vulnerable communities in need of eye health.”

Avinash Hiranandani, Global CEO and Managing Director, RenewSys India added, “RenewSys understands the essential role that businesses can play in these challenging times and we are committed to bolstering the efforts to combat this pandemic on both the health and economic well-being fronts.

“Even as business has resumed we will continue to pitch in for the wellbeing of our employees and customers, prioritising social distancing, transport, sanitation and other health-related best practices.

“We are also in advanced discussions to expand our manufacturing footprint in India in keeping with the Hon. Prime Minister Modi’s call to be ‘vocal for local’ and promoting solar manufacturing independence.”

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